Instructor Development Course for Web Conference Training

Project Background

This is a course that was a long time in the making and was finally brought to fruition when I was approached to work on it. It consisted of both self-paced learning and live, web conference trainings. Under a new Director, there was pressure to get it delivered to facilitators under a tight deadline.

I was involved with content development for multiple PowerPoints, creating a facilitator guide, visual design, audio narration, creating meeting rooms, recording facilitator teachbacks and providing technical support during delivery.

As a result of this training, facilitators felt much more comfortable delivering via the web conferencing platform. The Training Program Manager was very pleased and even came into the room clapping upon delivery of the introduction. I had never seen him so excited before! This was truly affirmation that all of the work paid off.

Project Details and Attributes

Type: Blended Learning

Adobe Connect

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Presenter

Adobe InDesign