Welcoming 2018

Ahhh a new year is upon us. Many of you will have New Year’s resolutions. I heard on the local news that in a poll, 47% of people reported making resolutions. I think the number is dwindling a bit. Perhaps this is because the biggest resolution has historically been to lose weight, eat well, etc., yet for a lot of people, this has become more of a lifestyle these days. I wouldn’t say I have made any resolutions but as a new year is upon us, I am really thinking about my design career.

I will be launching my new website early this year which serves as a platform to showcase both my graphic design and eLearning development skills. I plan to spend less time on social media for personal reasons and more time on it to promote my work and get inspired by other artists. I hope to grow an audience of followers who I can inspire with the projects I work on. I plan to be an active participant in Articulate eLearning heroes challenges in an effort to utilize my personal subscription to Articulate more and add to my eLearning portfolio. I want to go through the year finding that my investments with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Captivate and Articulate 360 are paying off with some freelance projects and/or getting to utilize them in my full-time work.

I have seen a few “2017 Year in Review” articles posted on LinkedIn this past week and I am thinking ahead about what I would like my “2018 Year in Review” to look like. Think ahead about what you want yours to look like. Let’s crush 2018!

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