Instructional/Graphic Designer
& eLearning Developer


When working with me, you will see the passion I have to create products that are aesthetically pleasing and result in a great user experience. This passion keeps me learning the newest technology and drives me to evolve to provide the best service offerings to my clients.


Practicing patience is a key ingredient for success. I bring patience to learning new technologies and approaching each project I work on with a patient and positive attitude.


Persistence has allowed me to obtain a variety of instructional/graphic design and eLearning development skills and keeps me continuously learning and growing.


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My name is Holly. I am an Instructional/Graphic Designer and eLearning Developer based in the Washington, DC area. Through combining creativity and detail while paying attention to your goals, I will create material you will be proud to present. You have heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” However, the truth is if a book does not have a good cover, a majority of people will not reach for it. Good visual design compels the end user to pay more attention and reassures them that what they are looking at is valuable and worth their time. I keep this in mind with every project in which I am involved.

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I am happy to offer a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss your requirements and to see if I am the right fit to work together on your project.